Connecting Gmail to Seventh Sense

This article details connecting a Gmail account to Seventh Sense for analysis.

Login by clicking here. Provide your Seventh Sense account credentials.

Once you are logged in, you will land on the "Dashboard".

Click on “Settings” on the left side menu of the page.


Underneath "Add Connector", click on the Gmail icon.


The following modal will display.  Input your corporate email address and click "Save".  Note: We do recommend that you be logged into your corporate Gmail account so that the correct account is analyzed.  Additionally, if you will have multiple Gmail accounts in the Seventh Sense account, we recommend using your first and last name as identifiers in the "Name" field.  This will default to gmail.


When you click save, you will be directed to Google to authorize the connection.  Please note that Seventh Sense does not analyze anything within the body of your emails.  Only email meta-data such as the "To", "From", "CC", "BCC" and timestamp.


Once you have authorized access, you will be directed back to Seventh Sense and analysis will occur in the background.

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