Google Customer Match using Seventh Sense

In September 2015, Google announced their launch of Customer Match. This service allows marketers to upload a list of email addresses and create an audience match list in their AdWords account.

While Facebook and Twitter have similar offerings, adding this new capability to a Google AdWords campaign can have dramatic results.

How Customer Match Works

Customer Match allows advertisers to upload a list of email addresses and create an audience match list in their Google AdWords account. Marketers are then able to serve ads to their customer list when these people are signed into Search, YouTube or Gmail.

Marketers can also create similar audiences which enables you to reach new customers on YouTube and Gmail. Since these users mirror current customers, they are more likely to be interested in your services or products than general searchers.

The Fine Print

At a minimum, Google requires you to have 1000 email addresses that are users of Google’s email service whether that be with a or custom domain such as where our email service provider is Google.

The challenge in a lot of instances, is marketers don’t know what email service provider their subscribers are using so end up loading a large number of subscriber’s email addresses to meet this requirement and lose visibility into who exactly is receiving their ads.

Seventh Sense Solution

Seventh Sense has developed an application that consumes email addresses and displays the email service provider for each. By understanding who uses Google as their email provider, organizations can better target their subscribers.

Email Provider Breakdown

The below example highlights the type of email service provider contact use that is delivered as part of a gmail match report in addition to a CSV which displays by email address who their email service provider is.


Gmail Provided Service Breakdown: The below example highlights the number of Google provided email domains that xyz’s contacts use.


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