Analyzing a List w/ Seventh Sense

The analyze list feature can be found in the "Details" screen of each list. The output of clicking on this will appear at the top of the screen when the analysis is complete which will include the number of people within the list that you have optimal times for, the number of people within the list that you do not have an optimal time for (we will randomize the delivery times to these individuals), the total score of the list and finally, the average score of the list.

To analyze a list follow these steps.

When you are on the "Dashboard", click on the "Marketing" link in either the top or left side menu.


Then click on "Lists" in the left side menu.


Next click on the "Details" tab of the list you wish to analyze.


On the left side menu underneath "Actions", click on "Analyze List". 

Once the analysis completes, the following information will be displayed.

Total Contacts w/ Data

Total Contacts w/o Data

Total Score

Average Score

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