Using the HubSpot CRM & Seventh Sense extension

The HubSpot CRM & Seventh Sense extension provides access to data that organizations own, but have never had access to before. Marketing generates email engagement data and until now, that data can't be easily accessed by sales.

By combining this data set with artificial intelligence both marketers and sales professionals can take action from this data to better align sales and marketing teams, improve sales' email response rates and increase sales velocity.

As a HubSpot Sales user, you can start using the "Send this email later" feature and use the "Custom" time option backed by artificial intelligence.  Additionally, both Google and Microsoft offer send later functionality.

What the extension looks like in CRM.


Profile View.png 

Next steps:

  • So that your sales team has easy visibility into this data, we recommend dragging the module to the top of the contact screen as done in the example above. If you do this for one contact it will display like this for every contact in HubSpot CRM.


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