Creating a Webhook with Seventh Sense

So how does a webhook work? In short, it's like HubSpot playing ping pong with us. They fire a webhook to Seventh Sense with the contact details and then based on the timing criteria you set within Seventh Sense, Seventh Sense pings HubSpot back by manually enrolling the contact back into the specified workflow.

Most of Seventh Sense's existing customers use this functionality to make their nurture campaigns smarter as people traverse them, however can be used in all kinds of scenarios.

This knowledge base article details how to build a webhook within Seventh Sense.

Click on "Marketing" in in the menu and select "Webhooks" and then click "Create" as shown below.


After clicking on the "Create" icon, a modal will show to create the webhook. For the "Name", we suggest using the HubSpot workflow name that is associated with the webhook for easy identification. The "Connector" should automatically identify the HubSpot connector. Use the dropdown menu under "Workflow" which will identify the workflow that the webhook is associated with. (Tip: New workflows are always at the bottom, so scroll all the way down to find new workflow).

Underneath "Webhook Type" select when you'd like the contact to be re-enrolled in the workflow. Below are the options and intended use case of each:

  • NEXT_24_HOURS - This option is the most commonly used and was developed for nurture campaigns. Once the webhook is sent to Seventh Sense by HubSpot for a particular contact, the system will then re-enroll the contact at the next most optimal time within the following 24 hours.
  • NEXT_WEEK_FREQUENCY_OPTIMIZED - This is an option used to slow the frequency of emails being sent to a particular contact that is showing signs of passive or inactive engagement as part of a nurture campaign.  For these contacts, the system will determine when, during the next week, the contact is most likely to engage.  For contacts that are either being evaluated or are actively engaged, the system will use the NEXT_24_HOURS algorithm to re-enroll the contact back into the workflow.
  • NEXT_WEEK - This option is rarely used for nurture campaigns that have an important end date. Once the webhook is sent to Seventh Sense by HubSpot for a particular contact, the system will determine the most optimal time in the next 7 days to re-enroll a contact into the workflow.
  • IMMEDIATE - This option will immediately re-enroll the contact into the workflow so that the next action can take place. This option is used in scenarios where a contact update needs to take place such as with an Email Marketing Fatigue Engine.
  • UPDATE_ONLY -This option was created to update contact's list memberships and should only be used in examples where the list size is greater than 500K contacts. This alleviates the need to sync a list prior to scheduling.


Once all of the components of the webhook are completed, click the "Create Webhook" link. 


Click on the "Details" link which will show the webhook URL and App ID. Please note that you need to include the entire URL in the webhook details in HubSpot.



Next, in HubSpot, fill out the URL, select "Use Authentication", Select "Request signature", fill in the App ID and click "Save".


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