Installing the split test automation tool in your HubSpot portal


With the split test automation workflow action, you can easily run A/B, 3 or even 5-way multivariate tests natively in HubSpot.

Some things people are testing and using split test automation within HubSpot workflows include:

  • Send times
  • Preview text
  • Marketing copy
  • Subject lines
  • HTML vs. plain text emails
  • Delay time between emails
  • Number of emails sent in a nurture stream / automated campaign
  • Email from name
  • CTA positioning or color
  • Number of promotional items and placement
  • Audience segmentation
  • Email frequency
  • Macro-throttling
  • Seventh Sense's email health tool

If you're looking for some inspiration on variables to test, this is a link to an article which provides numerous examples and step by step instructions.

Installing the split test automation workflow actions for HubSpot can be completed in three easy steps as detailed in the below walkthrough.

Once you have completed the installation steps, head over to this article which provides step by step instructions on how to use the split test automation tool.


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