Personalizing Delivery Time with HubSpot using Seventh Sense (Old method)

Note: This article documents a legacy feature of Seventh Sense. We now recommend that all HubSpot users use the Seventh Sense workflow extension to personalize delivery times. See this article for updated instructions.

This document details personalizing the delivery time of email campaigns through HubSpot with Seventh Sense web app.

In Hubspot

Step 1 - Create your Email as an "Automated Email"


Note: Ensure you do not have time of day references in your email such as “Good Morning” if you are sending over the course of 24 hours.  If you are sending over the course of multiple days or a week, do not reference details around day of week, such as “I hope your week is off to a great start.”, etc.   

Step 2 - Save your email for automation which then publishes the email

Once your email is complete, under the “Recipients” Tab, click on “Save for automation”

After saving the message, you will have the option to go to the workflows screen.



Step 3 - Create a contact based workflow from scratch

Click on “Create new workflow”

  1. Give the Workflow a Name (we recommend using the same name as the email)
  2. Click “Next”


After creating the workflow, you can keep the enrollment criteria blank as workflows will always allow manual enrollment. 

After the enrollment criteria is set, click on "Add an action", select "Send email".


Select the appropriate email and click "Save".


Note: If you’d like to exclude lists you can do so by clicking on “Settings” and then excluding certain lists.



In the upper left hand corner where it states “Review” and turn the workflow on by clicking "Turn On".


In Seventh Sense

Step 4: Navigate to the lists screen

Open the Seventh Sense Application and once on the “Dashboard” click on the “Lists” tab.


In the “Lists” screen find (“Filter”) the list(s) which you’d like to personalize delivery to. If the list was recently created, you may need to click "Sync Lists Names" in the top right corner of the Lists screen. Click on the “Personalize” link.


Step 5: Personalize Delivery

Complete the requested information which includes:

  1. Connector – This is the HubSpot account which the email should be delivered from and will auto-populate.
  2. Source list (the list you are personalizing)
  3. Start Delivery – This is the start date / time for the window of delivery should take place
  4. End Delivery – This is the end date / time for the window of delivery should take place
  5. Workflow – This should be the HubSpot workflow that was created in Step 3
  6. Optional Name - This is the name of the job that you can search on. 
  7. Delivery scheme - Leave as 100% personalized
  8. Submit – Upon submitting, Seventh Sense will determine the most optimal time for each contact and schedule to add each contact to the workflow


Step 6: Track Progress

Seventh Sense will first ensure it has up-to-date contact information for the list, then determine the optimal delivery time for each recipient. Once this is complete, clicking the "Details" link next to the email under "Jobs" will present a list of all the scheduled deliveries and some statistics on the mailing.

The Seventh Sense system will monitor this list, delivering messages to the Hubspot workflow you defined previously as their scheduled delivery time arrives. Once a message is marked as "SENT" in Seventh Sense, it should be visible in the HubSpot workflow, along with any captured engagement information.

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