Connecting a Marketo Account to Seventh Sense

There are several steps to necessary to connect a Marketo account to Seventh Sense. First, we'll need to create the connector in Seventh Sense by clicking the "Marketo" button on the connectors screen.

You'll see a screen like this:

We'll need to fill in the following fields from Market:

  • REST API Identity URI
  • REST API Endpoint URI
  • Client ID
  • Client Secret

Getting the REST API URI's

First, you will need to go to your Marketo Administration panel and find your REST API Identity URL.

Creating a Security User and Role with API Access

Go to Security -> Users and Roles. Select the "Roles" tab and select "Create new Role".

After creating the role, click the "Users" tab and "Invite New User".

Use the following parameters:

  • First Name: Seventh
  • Last Name: Sense
  • Email Address: api+<yourAccountId>

Click next, and select the new "Seventh Sense API" role. Check the "API Only" checkbox.

Click "Next" and "Send" to finish creating the new user.


Create an API Service

Go to Integrations -> Launch Point and select New Service. Give it a unique name such as "Seventh Sense". Select the "Custom" type.

After you have created the service, you will need to click the "details" link next to the service.


Get the Client ID and Client Secret

The details screen should provide you with the Client ID and Client Secret, which will fill in the remaining fields on the Seventh Sense Marketo Connector configuration screen.



Create a static "All Contacts" list.

Click the Marketo icon in the top left of the screen and go to the "Lead Database". Select the "New" menu and click "New List".


In the "New List" dialog, give the new a list the name "Seventh Sense - All Contacts". Select a folder, the default "Group Lists" should be fine.

Go back to "Marketing Activities" and create a new campaign folder called "Seventh Sense".

Inside that folder, create a new Smart Campaign named "All Seventh Sense Leads Sync".

For the "Smart List" section of the configuration, create a new "Lead Attribute" filter on email. Set it to "exists" as shown below.

For the "Flow Actions", add a new "Add to List" action and select "All Seventh Sense Leads" as the destination list.

Under "Schedule" click "Schedule Recurrence", setting the recurrence to daily repeating every day.

Finally, click "Run Once" to populate the list initially.


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