Nurture Campaigns w/ Send Time Personalization

This is typically used where contacts are automatically added based on certain criteria, such as being added to a list and then will receive any number of subsequent emails.

Once a contact meets the starting criteria, they will immediately receive the first email in the workflow. Each subsequent email will be sent based on a specified delay plus x hours within a 24 hour window. The 24 hour period is dependent on Seventh Sense determining the next most optimal time. Once the optimal time is reached Seventh Sense will then reenroll the contact in the workflow.

Please note that if there is a goal list associated with the workflow, we must add that as the first starting condition using an if / then branch due to Seventh Sense being unaware of contacts meeting the goal. Another option is to add the goal list as a suppression list.

We always recommend testing the workflow prior to turning it on. If you have an existing workflow / nurture campaign that you are transitioning, once you have completed testing, set the old workflows starting condition to “Manually enroll...” so that any contacts currently in that workflow will not be disrupted. Also ensure that when you turn on the replacement smart workflow, do not enroll contacts that already meet the starting condition as they have already been part of the older workflow / nurture campaign.

Defining the starting criteria example (note: allowing contacts to be manually reenrolled must be enabled):


Using the first if / then branch:

In the below example, once a contact meets the starting criteria, if they have not been sent the first email, they will immediately.


If the contact has been sent the first email, then they will follow to the yes branch once Seventh Sense reenrolls the contact into the workflow. The next logic is to understand whether or not the contact has been sent email 2 and so on. Continue to follow this pattern until all emails are sent.


The below is the logic for a contact that was not sent email 2.

After the final email has been sent, do not trigger another webhook.


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