Traditional Email Blasts with Send Time Personalization via WebHooks

This is used as an alternative to creating a new workflow for every mailing. Once set up, it also negates the need to login to Seventh Sense for every mailing.

Please note that an initiator workflow must be created to trigger the webhook so that each contact meeting the starting criteria will be added to the delivery workflow at their most optimal time within the next 24-hour window. This can also be set to a 7-day window depending on the time frame that you need the email delivered. This also must be specified at the time you create the webhook within Seventh Sense.

Initiator Workflow:

Delivery Workflow:

To schedule a 24-hour mailing, select the email you want delivered in the delivery workflow by clicking inside the box that states “Send them an email” and search for the email. Click save.



Once you have the email set in the delivery workflow, you have to set the list you want it to go to. In the list screen, select the list you want to deliver to and follow these steps.

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