Auto-Updating Large HubSpot Lists in Seventh Sense

This knowledge base article details keeping a large HubSpot SmartList updated in Seventh Sense.  If a list is continuously updated, the user can remove the requirement to sync the list before each mailing which can be a time consuming process in scheduling for large lists.  

The following steps detail keeping a list(s) continuously updated in Seventh Sense.

  • Create a Workflow within HubSpot called something similar to Seventh Sense List Updater and create the following steps within the workflow.  Multiple lists can be added to this workflow which will make a call to Seventh Sense each time a contact is added to each list.  The criteria within HubSpot should be set to "Contact is a member of <list>"
  • Create a single Webhook within Seventh Sense that can be used for both the List Updater and Remover Workflows within HubSpot.  Please note that this must be set to "Update_Only" when the webhook is created in Seventh Sense.


  • The next step is to create a HubSpot Workflow for each list that you would like to keep updated.  Please note that you will need to create a List Remover Workflow for each list which differs than the updater workflow.  The criteria within HubSpot should be set to "Contact is not a member of <list>".



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