Connecting HubSpot to Seventh Sense

This support document details connecting a HubSpot portal to Seventh Sense.

Note: There will be an empty dashboard until the initial analysis of your HubSpot portal completes.

To add a connector, follow the below steps:

  • Navigate to the "Settings" Screen which can be found by clicking on your account name in the menu bar and then click "Settings".


  • Underneath "Outbound Connections" click the "Add Connector" button in the bottom right


  • Click on the HubSpot logo in the popup modal --> Enter a Name for your Portal (we recommend using your company name) --> Click the "Connect" button


  • You will then be directed to HubSpot to authorize access --> Click the "Authorize" button in HubSpot


  • You will then be directed back to Seventh Sense where you will see an empty dashboard that states "No Data Available".
  • Please leave the window open for about two minutes to finalize the connection process and then you can go ahead and close out the browser window.
  • The time that it takes to perform the initial analysis can vary greatly depending on the size of your database (# of contacts) and the amount of historical engagement data.  Typically, you'll see data start to populate within 24 hours of establishing the connection.  



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