Building static lists in Marketo

Seventh Sense requires the use of static lists to personalize send times.  The steps below outline two options for creating static lists in Marketo based on different use cases.

For regularly used lists, we recommend creating a list builder within a program so that it continually stays up to date much like a smart list.  For example, newsletters, blog notifications, etc.

Step 1:  Create a new list within the program.

Step 2: Create a Smart Campaign to build the list.

Step 3: Underneath the Smart List tab add filters to build the list based on the appropriate criteria.

Step 4: In the Flow step, add these leads to the static list we created in the first step.

Step 5: In the Schedule step, you'll want to schedule a recurrence.  

Step 6: Click Run Once to populate the list.  Due to the recurrence job, the list will update daily.

Another option for existing smart lists is to perform a one-off operation to build a new static list. The below outlines the process to do this.

Step 1: Create a static list within the program.

Step 2: Navigate to the smart list.  Click on the leads tab, next select all leads by clicking "Select All", next click on "Marketing" then "Add to List..." next select the static list created in the first step.


 Step 3: Click "Run Now"

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