Using Seventh Sense Self-Service Flow Step (SSFS) for Triggered Emails in Marketo

With Self-Service Flow Steps (SSFS), you can deploy emails using email delivery optimization without leaving Marketo.

ℹ️ In triggered companies, each lead appears individually (by a trigger such as “Added to List” or “Fills Out Form”) and is processed one at a time.

  1. Choose a desired Smart Campaign in Marketing Activities and open a Flow tab.
    Choose Campaign.svg
  2. In the right panel, select Installed Flow Steps → Email Delivery Optimization and drag it to Flow.
    Drag EDO to Flow.svg
  3. You can select the Throttling Option, Delivery Window Days, and Hours in the Flow Step.
    The Target Open Rate field does not necessarily need to be filled in. See the Target Open Rate Usage article for information on how to use this parameter.
    Email Delivery Optimization Step (filled, except Target Open Rate)
  4. In the right panel find the Wait step and drag it to the Flow.
    Wait Step (not filled).png
  5. Configure the Wait step:
    Type Date Token
    End On {{lead.sendTime}}
    ℹ️ EndOn Lead Field API Name pattern is always {{lead.LEAD_FIELD_API_NAME}}. The Lead Field API name is configured on Initial Setup. By default it's sendTime.
    Configure Wait.svg
  6. After the Wait step, in which the lead will wait for the assigned time, put a Send Mail step.
    Final Flow:
    Triggered Campaign Full Flow.png

    Important note: A lead has only one sendTime field and therefore if the same lead enters the Seventh Sense step at the same time in another Flow, the value of the field will be overwritten. Therefore, place the Wait step, which reads the value and remembers it, as close as possible to the Seventh Sense step, so that the value does not have time to change.

  7. See the Multicohort Usage article for information on how to filter leads by engagement segment
  8. Go to the Triggered campaign’s Schedule and activate a campaign.
    Triggered Campaign Schedule.png
  9. If you are going to reuse this campaign in the future, don't forget to Run each lead through the campaign flow - every time.
    Campaign Qualification Rules.png
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