Target Open Rate Usage in Self-Service Flow Steps (SSFS) in Marketo

  1. Set the Target Open Rate you want - this is a value between 0 and 100 percent.
    EDO Step (full filled).png
  2. When the lead is processed by Seventh Sense, a value (true or false) will be set in the Suppress field of the lead. You can set the Wait block after Seventh Sense and filter leads before sending emails. But, if the field is changed while the lead is waiting in the Wait block (for example, if you use Seventh Sense in other campaigns for the same lead), the filtering will not happen correctly. So ideally, you should filter leads right after the Seventh Sense block.
  3. After the Seventh Sense block, set the Remove from Flow block and configure it to remove leads if they are Suppressed.
  4. Further configuration follows the instructions in the sections SSFS Usage in Triggered Campaigns and SSFS Usage in Batch Campaigns. You do not have to set the Wait block if you only want to use the Target Open Rate function. Example of a complete Flow setup:


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