Update / Remove Seventh Sense Self-Service Flow Step (SSFS) in Marketo

You will not be able to update the same Service Provider instance that you have been using. Before you can add a new Service Provider, you must retire or delete the old instance.


Retire Service Provider

  1. Go to Admin → Integration → Service Providers.
  2. To retire a Service Provider, highlight it and select Retire Service in Service Actions
  3. Confirm the retired service. The retired service cannot be added to a Flow but will continue to work in the Flow in which it was previously placed (as long as it is supported).

Delete Service Provider

  1. To remove a Service Provider, you must remove it from all Flows in which it is used. To see the list of such Flows, click on the value in the Used By column.
  2. After removing SSFS from all Flows, highlight the Service Provider and select Delete Service in Service Actions. Confirm the deletion.

Connect New Service Provider

To reconnect the new updated SSFS, follow the steps from the Initial Setup guide.

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