How to force a Seventh Sense mailing to send immediately in Marketo

To force a mailing that has been scheduled in Seventh Sense to send immediately, you will need to  make a change to the Smart List in your smart campaign, and then run the job once as outlined below:

First: Navigate to your smart campaign, and on the "Smart List" tab, change the setting from "Lead: in - Delivery List" to "Lead: in - Source List."


Seventh Sense works by moving contacts from your source list, onto the delivery list. By changing the smart campaign to use the source list, you will bypass Seventh Sense and send all your remaining emails out at once.

Navigate to the "Schedule" tab.

1. Make sure the "Smart Campaign Settings" are set to "Each lead can run through flow once." This will prevent duplicate emails from being sent to people who already received emails at their top times.

2. Click "Run Once" to send your mailing to the rest of your list.

3. Delete the job from Seventh Sense on the "Scheduled Actions" page.


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