How to reset your Seventh Sense password

Resetting your password in Seventh Sense is quick and easy provided you created your account with a valid email address. If you cannot access your login email account, please email and we can assist you with reseting your login email.

How to reset your Seventh Sense password

Visit as you would to log in. Click "Don't remember your password?"


You will be taken to the screen shown below. Enter the email address you normally use to log in and click "Send Email."


You will receive a confirmation email, click the link in it to confirm your password change.


The link will take you to the "Change Password" page shown below where you can enter a new password. Once you have changed your password, log in with your account ID and new password at the normal login page https://app.theseventhsense.comScreen_Shot_2018-09-25_at_10_48_11_AM.png



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