How to Build a Nurture Campaign with Hubspot and Seventh Sense

Building a nurture workflow integrating Seventh Sense requires webhooks which are only available with a Seventh Sense Pro or Enterprise subscription. Please email if you would like to learn more or to upgrade your subscription.

How Seventh Sense Accelerates Nurture Campaigns

It's common for people to fill out a form or download a resource in the morning when it catches their attention, but don't engage with it until the evening when they have time to read it. It's also common for people to fill out a form or download a resource in the evening when it catches their attention, but don't engage with it until the morning when they have time to read it.  In a traditional nurture campaign, that person would get their next email at the time of download or form fill. Assuming you are adding multiple emails to a nurture / drip campaign with HubSpot, the Seventh Sense system learns when you should send the next email after the delay to drive better performance.  It does this by learning by time of day and day of week the person is most likely to engage and has built multiple options into the system to support this.

How to build a Nurture Campaign with HubSpot and Seventh Sense

PrerequisitesSeventh Sense Pro or Enterprise Subscription

This article assumes you will be familiar with the basics of sending emails using Seventh Sense and HubSpot, and how webhooks function in HubSpot and Seventh Sense. You should also be familiar with building traditional lead nurture campaigns in HubSpot. If these are new concepts to you, you can learn more in the following articles:

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Advanced Nurture Campaigns in HubSpot

This is what a basic nurture campaign looks like in HubSpot:


This is that same nurture campaign with Seventh Sense:


It looks complicated, but it's actually really simple once you get the hang of it.

In a conventional nurture campaign, everything happens in the workflow. To use Seventh Sense in a nurture campaign, you use webhooks to re-enroll people in the same workflow multiple times. "if/then" branch's make sure that each email is sent to each person only once.

Lets take a closer look.


Lets break down the logic in this workflow by looking what would happen to a new contact who requests a demo.

1 - A contact requests demo and is added to the workflow.

2 - The workflow asks, "has the contact received On-Boarding Email 1? No?"

3 - Contact is sent On-Boarding Email 1.

4 - Delay for 3 days before next step.

5 - Trigger a webhook to Seventh Sense (if you do not understand this step, read more here)

6 - Seventh Sense will wait until the next best time in the next 24 hours, or next 7 days depending on which webhook you chose. When that contacts time top comes around, they will be re-enrolled in the workflow.

7 - The contact is re-enrolled in the workflow. 

8 - The workflow asks, "has the contact received On-Boarding Email 1? Yes?"

8 - The workflow asks, "has the contact received On-Boarding Email 2? No?"

10 - Contact is sent On-Boarding Email 2.


Setting Up Our Workflow

Let's go through the steps to create this workflow in more detail.

The "Enrollment Triggers" settings for a nurture campaign are different than when sending one off email with Seventh Sense. The two key settings are:

Trigger workflow: Automatic

Re-enrollment: "Contacts can be manually re-enrolled more than once." 

We need to be able to re-enroll contacts so the Seventh Sense webhook can send them through the workflow each time their top time comes around.


Setting Up the Webhook

Follow the instructions detailed here to create a webhook. We recommend always using the 24-hour webhook with nurture campaigns. Using a 7-day webhook can make a long campaign stretch on for months.

Once you've created your webhook you can copy the webhook URL from Seventh Sense that is associated with the workflow and paste it to "Webhook URL". Next, click on "Use authentication" and input your "Username" and the "Password" associated with this workflow. Both of these parameters can be found in the "Webhook Detail" within Seventh Sense.



Integrating Seventh Sense maximizes the effect of your nurture workflows in HubSpot by allowing the system to learn and adapt as each customer traverses your nurture campaign. As Seventh Sense builds an ever-improving profile of when each person, your results will continue to improve. 

Now that you are armed with this basic skill set, you can experiment with building more complex workflows like the one at the beginning of the article. The possibilities are virtually limitless!


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