How to pause and restart a mailing in Seventh Sense and Hubspot

One of the great things about sending email using Seventh Sense and HubSpot is it gives the option to pause a campaign if an issue occurs. Common reasons you might choose to do this are:

  • An email was sent with a broken link
  • An item advertised is no longer in stock
  • Spelling errors, grammar errors etc

To stop a mailing:

  1. Turn off the workflow in HubSpot
  2. Delete the scheduled job in Seventh Sense.

Note - Becuase Seventh Sense acts as a scheduler for Hubspot, the system continues to enroll contacts in the workflow even after you've turned it off. For this reason, you will need to create a new mailing and point it at the SAME workflow to make sure all contacts on your list receive their email.

If you simply restart the workflow, anyone who was scheduled while the workflow was turned off will not receive your email.

To restart the mailing:

  1. Schedule the same list over the time period of your choice.
  2. Point it at your ORIGNAL workflow.
  3. MAKE SURE the workflow is set to "Contacts won't be enrolled more than once." as shown below, we are using the workflow de-dupe your list automatically.

Step 3 is EXTREMELY important. If this setting is not enabled, contacts who have already been mailed will receive the same message twice.


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