How to pause and resume a Marketo mailing in Seventh Sense

Email marketing mistakes can have a dramatic impact on a brand and once you blast an email to an entire audience or list, there's no turning back.  By using send time personalization a natural side effect is the throttling of emails being sent.  Since the sending is throttled, you can also pause and resume a campaign at any point.

Common reasons you might choose to do this are:

  • An email has a broken link or image
  • An item being advertised is no longer in stock
  • Spelling errors, grammar errors, etc.
  • A webinar date has changed
  • You're simply sending the wrong email
  • The landing page or asset is broken
  • Internal systems are overloaded or down

To pause a mailing:

  1. Navigate to "Scheduled Actions" by clicking "Marketing" in the menu bar and then "Scheduled Actions"
  2. Search for the job you are looking to pause to correct any issue and click on "Details" next to the job.
  3. You'll then see a "Pause Sending" button --> Click this which will pause the job and no longer add people to the specific campaign that is actively sending email.

To resume a mailing:

  1. Once you've corrected or changed the email, simply click "Resume Sending"
    • Note - Once you resume the mailing anyone that was scheduled for delivery between the time of pausing the campaign and resuming it, the system will pick up those people and send them immediately after resuming the campaign.  For anyone that is scheduled in the future, the system will operate in a normal way.



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