How to suppress and un-suppress different activity segments in Seventh Sense with a Marketo campaign

Seventh Sense’s AI system automatically classifies each person in your email marketing program into four different stages of email activity; "Evaluating", "Active", "Passive" or "Inactive".

Definitions of each are defined below along with recommendations on how to treat each activity segment.

Evaluating - These are either new or relatively new people in your list where the system is building a baseline to understand their activity level with your email program. 

  • Unless you are running a re-engagement campaign, we recommend that you don't change your sending cadence, content or offerings to this activity segment. 

Active - These are the people that are actively engaged in your email program. 

  • In short, keep doing what you're doing! One exception would be where you're running a re-engagement campaign and want to only include Passive and Inactive activity segments.

Passive - These are people that the system has determined as being partially active in your email program.

  • We recommend regularly suppressing these people from your email campaigns. Some exceptions might include a highly converting offer or a major product update.

Inactive - These are people that the system has determined as being inactive in your email program.

  • We recommend that you always suppress these people with the exception of reengagement campaigns. The more you send to them the more it can hurt your domain reputation and affect reaching the inbox of the people that are actively engaging with your email program.

Suppression of activity classes can be accomplished at the time of scheduling by unchecking the box next to the activity segment to be suppressed.  By default, all activity segments are checked and everyone on the scheduled list will be added to the specified campaign or workflow.

In Seventh Sense, you can automatically suppress and un-suppress Passive and / or Inactive activity segments from an email send at either scheduling time or anytime during the delivery window. 

If you want to suppress Evaluating and / or Active activity segments, you have to do this at the time of scheduling and you can not unsuppress these segments during the delivery window.  


After a job has been scheduled you can see the distribution of activity segments in the job details along with taking further action on them. In the screenshot below "1" highlights the percentage and counts of people that fall within each activity segment, "2" highlights the counts and time of delivery distribution and who was suppressed and "3" highlights where you can actively suppress or unsuppress people that are Passive or Inactive at any point before or during a scheduled delivery job. 



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