Monitoring the Status of Email Deliveries with Seventh Sense and HubSpot

Once you click submit on a personalized job, Seventh Sense will start syncing the list of contacts from HubSpot in order to ensure the system has the most up to date list. Depending on your list size, this can take anywhere from a few minutes up to an hour (larger lists of more than 1 Million people can take longer). Once Seventh Sense has the up to date list, it goes into scheduling mode where each person is scheduled based on their profile. This step can take anywhere from a few minutes up to an hour depending on the list size. We typically see jobs of up to 500K - 750K contacts complete the list sync and scheduling in about an hour (larger lists can take longer). Once the scheduler completes, the system then starts enrolling people into the HubSpot workflow when their scheduled time hits.

You can monitor the status of enrollments in both Seventh Sense on the job page and in HubSpot on the "History" tab of the workflow.

In HubSpot, navigate to the "History" tab inside of the workflow where you can see the status of all enrollments and the action that was taken for each individual.


In Seventh Sense, navigate to the "Scheduled Actions" job by clicking on "Marketing" in the menu bar --> Next click on "Scheduled Actions" --> Next click on the "Details" button of the job you're looking to get a status update on.  You will then see a chart called "Delivery Status" which provides percentages of what is still "Scheduled" and how much has been "Sent".


You can also monitor the status of the job by looking at the distribution graph.


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