How to Use the Active Audience Gauges


On your Seventh Sense dashboard, you'll see two gauges that display your active audience in the current month and last month.  This is calculated based on the percentage of unique people that you've sent at least one email to during the specified time period and they actively engaged.

How does Seventh Sense define "Active"?  These are people that have either opened and / or clicked a marketing email during the specified time period.

How can you use the gauges to drive better engagement and email deliverability? Note, we're not referring to the receiving server stating that the email was accepted (technically delivered).  Overall engagement in your domain's email are the primary driver that Google, Microsoft and corporate spam systems use to classify your email and decide whether it should be placed in the primary inbox, promotions / clutter folder, spam folder or quarantined altogether.

If you fall into the red, meaning that your active audience is below 15%, you likely have deliverability challenges or soon will.

If you fall into the yellow, meaning that your active audience is between 16% to 30%, you should be paying close attention to this and re-evaluate how you're suppressing people in your campaigns.

If you fall into the green, your audience is classified as highly engaged and are likely not having any challenges reaching the primary inbox.


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