How and when to use the "Retry Failed Actions" and "Retry Scheduling Actions" buttons with a Marketo campaign

From time to time delivery failures to HubSpot and Marketo will occur for any number of reasons.  These can be caused by things like network errors or HubSpot or Marketo having challenges with their internal systems.  While Seventh Sense will automatically retry deliveries with certain types of failures, the number of edge cases to cover is too great.  Additionally, the scheduling system can sometimes hang based on HubSpot or Marketo being overwhelmed with API requests and while the Seventh Sense system does everything it can to recover, sometimes this is not possible.

In order to provide a better self service model for errors, two new features have been added which allow you to retry failures and people that got stuck in scheduling that the system was not able to recover from.  Buttons will appear on the details screen of a scheduling job if an error has occurred.  These will appear in the form of either a "Retry Failed Actions" button and / or a "Retry Scheduling Actions" button.  If you see these and the job is still within the scheduled delivery window, we suggest clicking these which will automatically pick up any people that are stuck in the scheduling state or have had errors in trying to submit these people to their respective campaign and resubmit them to have their email delivered.  

Please note that if these buttons are not visible, there are no issues with the delivery of people to the respective campaign in HubSpot or Marketo.  

In the example below, you will see the percentage of failed deliveries (1) and the button that allows you to retry the failures (2).  Once you click the "Retry Failed Actions" or "Retry Scheduling Actions" buttons, please allow 10 minutes for these people to have their jobs resubmitted to HubSpot or Marketo.


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