When Will a Contact be Sent an Email?

You can view a list of scheduled and completed sending actions by following the below steps in Seventh Sense.

  1. Navigate to the job by clicking on "Marketing" in the menu bar --> Next click on "Scheduled Actions"
  2. Find the job you are looking to get these details on --> Click on the "Details" button
  3. Underneath the Distribution graph, you'll see a "Download" button --> Click on this which will download a CSV (screenshot below)
  4. This will give you the status of every person that is part of a mailing along with the time that the email is scheduled for or when it was sent.
    • Column D has the time of the scheduled action and column H has the time of the completed action
    • Due to the scheduler being time zone agnostic, we use Zulu time, so you'll want to subtract the number of hours based on your time zone from from the times that are represented in the CSV file.
      • For example, 04:00Z equates to midnight ET


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