Why didn't all of the contacts in my HubSpot active list receive their email

When using a Seventh Sense and HubSpot workflow action there are numerous failsafes to ensure people will never get stuck within a Seventh Sense action.  If for any reason HubSpot does not receive a callback from Seventh Sense, there is a timeout period which means if that timeout period is met, the contact will automatically proceed to the next step.

At times though it can be tricky to understand who will and has received your emails due to a number of factors in HubSpot.  This can include people that are still part of a sending list that have previously unsubscribed, hard bounced, marked your messages as spam or could be part of a suppression list or workflow goal which will automatically be suppressed by HubSpot. 

Additionally, if the workflow isn't provided enough time to enroll all of the contacts that are part of the Enrollment Trigger, this can cause people to get removed from the workflow.

The first step in diagnosing this problem is to look at the "Not sent" numbers to see if they line up with the number of people that were enrolled in the workflow.

For example, you've created a SmartList in HubSpot which does not contain filters for any of the above contact properties.  The list has x number of contacts and y number of them are either not mailable and / or are part of a suppression list.

You can Navigate to the "Recipients" list in HubSpot by first navigating to the email in question and underneath the email viewer, you'll see "Recipients".  A screenshot is provided below.


Once you are on the "Recipients" tab, you can see how many people were not sent the email.  You can also dig deeper into the reason(s) by clicking on "Not sent" which will filter these contacts on the right hand side of the page.


If the numbers are still not lining up, you'll want to look at the sending HubSpot workflow to see how many contacts were enrolled in the workflow.

You can find this by navigating to the "Performance" tab and see how many contacts were enrolled in the workflow.


If these numbers line up with the total number of contacts that were enrolled, then the challenge is likely contacts that are no longer mailable due to a hard bounce (could also be global bounce), previous unsubscribe, spam complaint or were enrolled after a cutoff point (for example a one-off mailing that branches on a specific date / time).

If the numbers are still not lining up, you'll want to evaluate your Suppression Lists.  To understand what lists were suppressed, you can navigate to the "Unenrollment and suppression" screen.


Once you have an understanding of the suppression list, you can then navigate to the "History" tab and look for "Unenrolled because it was found in a suppression list".  These contacts will not be included in the "Performance" tab highlighted above.


In scenarios where you still can't find the discrepancy, there is some list manipulation you can perform in HubSpot which will provide the details and number of people that were both members of the sending list and the suppression list(s). In the below example, the "Explainer Video" is the sending list whereas the "Segment 3" and "Segment 2" lists are the suppression lists that are in the workflow.

The easiest criteria to use is similar to the below with an "and is a member of <list>". 


If you subtract the number of people in the above list along with the total number of people that were not sent an email due to them being unmailable from the total number in the sending list, you should have a match.



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