How to reschedule or restart an email delivery job in Seventh Sense and HubSpot

One of the advantages of using Seventh Sense to schedule your email deliveries is that they are throttled and don't all go out at once like they do with a blast.  This provides a fail safe when unexpected email marketing issues happen.

There are numerous use cases where you can simply pause, fix and resume a job and are covered in this article.

On the other hand, there might be times when you need to reschedule an entire campaign which is what this article covers.  This may be due to:

  • Scheduling a campaign with the wrong list.
  • Sending to a list that has been significantly modified since the start of the campaign.
  • Accidentally adding a suppression list(s) to the campaign.
  • The delivery window in Seventh Sense needs to be modified.

In any of these cases, the first step is to pause the job in Seventh Sense to ensure you have time to investigate and not feel like your hair is on fire to do so. 

You'll next want to ensure the HubSpot workflow configuration is correct so that it can be re-used.  The way to do this is to navigate to your workflow, click on the enrollment trigger and then re-enrollment --> the box for re-enrollment should NOT be checked.


If corrective action is needed for people that have already been sent the email, such as sending them an oops email, etc. you can simply create a STATIC list in HubSpot similar to the below.  In this example, the email being sent is "Explainer Template".  If no corrective action is needed, skip to the next step.


Navigate back to Seventh Sense and delete the job that is in a Paused state.  You can do this on the Jobs screen.


Next, you'll want to reschedule the job in Seventh Sense the normal way you would.  You do not need to create a suppression list of anyone that has been previously mailed as HubSpot will drop them when Seventh Sense tries to re-add them.  This is due to the enrollment criteria we reviewed above.  If the box for re-enrollment is checked, then the people who already received their email will have duplicate sends occur.  

If you want to take the belt and suspenders approach or for whatever reason created a new sending workflow in HubSpot, you can add a simple if / then branch similar to the below.  This too will ensure no one is delivered duplicate emails.


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