Using delivery time optimization (DTO) with HubSpot multi-step automated workflow campaigns

This knowledge base article details different Delivery Time Optimization (DTO) options available when using DTO with your existing or new automated multi-step workflow campaigns within HubSpot.

Seventh Sense offers the ability to create delivery windows as short as an hour all the way to 7 days and anything in-between.

Once a contact reaches a DTO step in a workflow, HubSpot will communicate with Seventh Sense to determine the most optimal time within the delivery window for the contact to proceed to the next step in the campaign.

Delivery Window.png

Once you are ready to deploy DTO into an existing or new automated workflow campaign(s), you simply add a Seventh Sense step before the email send step similar to the below.  Rinse and repeat for any emails that you'd like to be sent using DTO.

If you have more complex workflows with if/then branching logic, the DTO option works the same.  Insert the DTO step prior to the email send step and the following email will be send time optimized.  The only exception to this rule is when you have if/then branching logic that will take a different path if, for example, a contact opens or clicks on an email.  In that case, you would want to put the DTO step above the if/then branch so that the workflow checks the status of whether the contact opened / clicked directly before the email send action step.


Automated Campaign.png  


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