Using HubSpot Workflows to Update Seventh Sense Activity Segments in HubSpot

Seventh Sense’s AI system automatically classifies each person in your marketing program into four different stages of email activity; "Evaluating", "Active", "Passive" or "Inactive".

Evaluating - These are either new or relatively new subscribers in your list where the system is building a baseline to understand their activity level with your email program.

Active - These are the people that are actively engaged in your email program.

Passive - These are people that the system has determined as being partially active in your email program. We recommend regularly suppressing these people from your email campaigns. Some exceptions might include a highly converting offer or a major product update.

Inactive - These are people that the system has determined as being inactive in your email program. We recommend that you suppress these people almost always with the exception of reengagement campaigns. The more you send to them the more it can hurt your domain reputation and affect reaching the inbox of the people that are actively engaged.

While in Seventh Sense, you can automatically suppress / unsuppress any activity segment from an email send, there are times where you might want to do further segmentation of your lists within HubSpot based on these activity levels.  

Some examples would include:

  • You're running a test to understand how the different activity classes perform.
  • You're running an ABM campaign and you'd like to know who from each account is actively engaged in your email program so you can continue to make them your champion and / or for the people that are in passive or inactive activity levels, slow down the frequency of your emails or try different messaging.
  • You're combining multiple lists for an email send and only want to send to people that are in a specified activity level(s).
  • You're running a reengagement campaign and want to build a list of the people who are inactive to send the campaign to.
  • You're cleaning up your database at the time of your subscription renewal and want to remove the inactive people that are older than "x period" of time.

If you want to append the activity level of every contact in your database, a subset or even a specified list, you can follow the below steps.

First create a custom contact property inside of HubSpot called "Email Activity Segment".  For the field type use "Dropdown Select" and create four properties; "Evaluating", "Active", "Passive" and "Inactive".


Second, create a list of people in HubSpot that you'd like to add their activity level to.  An example of everyone in HubSpot that has an email address is below.


Next create an associated workflow for each activity segment that you want to update.  We recommend creating a workflow that can be used as often as you'd like to keep your activity segments up to date in HubSpot.

The first step is to create the workflow similar to the below.  You'll want to make sure "Re-enrollment" is turned "On" so that the same workflow can be used over and over again.




The second step is to set the custom contact property per the below.  In this example, I'm setting the property to "Evaluating".



The below is what the final workflow will look like once you turn your workflow to "On".


Follow the above instructions to create a HubSpot workflow for each activity segment (Evaluating, Active, Passive and Inactive).

In Seventh Sense Navigate to "Lists" by clicking on "Marketing" in the menu bar --> click on "Lists" --> Next search for the list that has all of your contacts that you'd like to upload activity levels for to HubSpot --> click the "Schedule" button next to the list name --> Make the start and end time one hour apart --> select a corresponding HubSpot activity segment workflow that you've built and you'd like to update (for example the "Evaluating" activity class) --> Uncheck all activity classes except the one you are updating (in this example I'm updating the "Evaluating" activity class) --> Click "Submit".



In this example, once the job completes, everyone who has an activity class of "Evaluating" will have their custom property in HubSpot updated and can now be used for segmentation or research.

Any time you'd like to update your activity segments in HubSpot, you can schedule a job in Seventh Sense per the above.

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