Testing engagement segments in HubSpot

Seventh Sense's AI automatically categorizes your audience by engagement level into easy-to-use segments. Before you start using them, it can be helpful to test each level to see how they perform which can be an incredibly valuable effort in building a highly performant email program.

How engagement segments are classified

  • Evaluating - These are either new or relatively new subscribers in your list where the system is building a baseline to understand their activity level with your email program.
    • Pro Tip - Unless you are running a re-engagement campaign, we recommend that you don't change your sending cadence, content, or offerings to this activity segment. 
  • Active - These are the people that are actively engaged in your email program.
    • Pro Tip - In short, keep doing what you're doing! One exception would be where you're running a re-engagement campaign and want to only include Passive and Inactive activity segments.
  • Passive - These are people that the system has determined as being fatigued in your email program. 
    • Pro Tip - We recommend regularly suppressing these people from your email campaigns. Some exceptions might include a highly converting offer or a major product update.
  • Inactive - These are people that the system has determined as being inactive in your email program.
    • Pro Tip - We recommend that you suppress these people almost always with the exception of reengagement campaigns. The more you send to them the more it can hurt your domain reputation and affect reaching the inbox of the people that are actively engaged.

Creating emails to measure performance

First, you'll want to create the first version of your email in HubSpot and clone this email four times. Please note, to create an automated email as the workflow engine will support the sending of the email.

We recommend naming these emails something similar to the below so that they can easily be distinguished when reporting on them.

  • <email name> - Evaluating
  • <email name> - Active
  • <email name> - Passive
  • <email name> - Inactive
  • <email name> - Default

Creating the workflow structure to launch your test

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