Getting started with Seventh Sense's email delivery optimization and HubSpot

This step-by-step guide will show you how to get the most out of the Seventh Sense integration with your HubSpot account in four easy steps:

Step 1: Integrate Seventh Sense with multi-step nurture campaigns/workflows

Upgrading your multi-step nurture campaigns/workflows with delivery time optimization (DTO) is a simple and great way to start getting benefits from Seventh Sense. Within minutes, you'll be making a change that will increase your odds of reaching your target audience at the right time for the lifetime of your workflow.

If you only have nurture campaigns, using Seventh Sense is as simple as this one-time setup process. Once the workflow actions are integrated, DTO will take care of the rest in the background for you!

To learn how to integrate Seventh Sense with your nurture campaigns: click here.


Step 2: Integrating Seventh Sense with batch campaigns

The next step most users take after integrating Seventh Sense with nurture campaigns is to begin using DTO on batch campaigns. By integrating Seventh Sense into your batch campaigns, you'll not only see increased deliverability, performance, and conversion rates but have additional flexibility with the ability to easily pause and resume campaigns when needed.

For instructions on how to integrate Seventh Sense into your batch/ad-hoc/one-off email sends - click here.


Step 3: Testing your engagement segments/establishing baselines

Optimizing your email frequency and protecting your email health and domain reputation is critical to maintaining a healthy email program. To make this process simpler, Seventh Sense automatically divides your audience into four engagement segments that you can use when building audiences for your campaigns.

To understand how each of these segments performs, we recommend running an engagement segment test. Typically each activity segment will perform fairly consistently, so once a baseline has been established, you will be able to predict with some accuracy how your email will perform based on how many contacts fall into each of the activity segments.

Instructions on how to perform this test can be found here.


Step 4: Optimizing your email frequency and deliverability with Seventh Sense

Depending on how healthy your email program is, it's likely that you will want to suppress some, but not always all, of your passive contacts. The Seventh Sense Email Health and Frequency Optimizer is designed to allow you to do this. Simply select your open rate average open rate for a particular audience, and Seventh Sense will suppress the right amount of passive and inactive contacts to help you achieve a healthier email program. 

For instructions on how to use the Seventh Sense Email Health and Frequency Optimizer: click here.

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