Installing the email deliverability audit tool in your HubSpot portal

It’s well known in the world of marketing and sales that reaching the inbox is getting harder and harder, but currently, there is no easy way for HubSpot users to see if their emails are reaching the inbox.

The “delivery rate” metric only tells marketers if their emails were rejected by the ISP, i.e. bounced. An email sent to spam is arguably just as bad as an email that bounces, but it will show as delivered in HubSpot. This leaves marketers in the dark about what happens to their emails after they click send (did it land in the inbox, the spam folder or was it quarantined altogether?). Sure we have the ability to see what type of client opened / clicked on an email, however, we don’t know which ISP is supporting those events. Additionally every ISP has different filtering and rate limiting algorithms that are kept highly secretive from not only the world at large, but also from competitors and email marketing platform providers (eg. HubSpot).

Segmenting even free ISPs is a painstaking process and can be prone to human error. The Deliverability Audit workflow action provides an easy-to-use solution that levels the playing field.

You can easily segment and know exactly which provider is hosting your recipients’ inboxes and how your audience from each provider performs. If you see far higher engagement with one inbox provider over another, then you likely have a delivery / inboxing challenge with that specific provider which will allow you to take corrective action with your subscribers that are backed by that specific provider vs. an all-encompassing approach.

Installing the deliverability audit workflow action for HubSpot can be completed in three easy steps as detailed in the below walkthrough.

Once you have completed the installation steps, head over to this article which provides step by step instructions on how to run a deliverability audit and also measure your results.  

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